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From the first stages of development, elementary school up to higher education, AFTER-MOUSE.COM develops applications dedicated to children's education.

Elementary education

For the early years, awakening children's curiosity and stimulating their interest is child's play with the introduction of multi-touch screen applications in the classroom. Imagine a Microsoft® Surface® multi-touch screen unit with a group of primary pupils working together around it: a real teaching tool which facilitates learning about living together, naturally encourages children to work together, develops their sense of sharing, and introduces them to using touch.

Little minds can learn as they play with a range of applications, including memory games, logic games and observation games (spot the mistake, odd one out, etc.), letter games (alphabet, crosswords, word search, hangman, etc.), number games (mystery number, join the dots, Sudoku, etc.), jigsaw puzzles (from four pieces to an unlimited number), drawing, coloring, etc.

Discover Paint'Touch, Clothes'Touch and Planet'Touch, touch screen applications specially developed for early learning.

Going up the grades, young learners will enjoy more advanced applications such as Science (discovering the human body, the solar system, dinosaurs, etc.), Math (arithmetic and geometry exercises, etc.), Grammar, Spelling, etc. All these applications are interactive and multi-user, so that students can learn together as they play.

The human body

3D models allow the children to explore all the parts of the human body: blood vessels, organs, skeleton, etc. They can zoom in on any part they're interested in.


The children put the letters in order, using just their finger. The words flash when they're correctly spelled. Learn while playing!


Algebra becomes fun! The children compose operations by selecting the appropriate symbols and numbers with their finger. If the operation is not correct, a sound tells them that they need to make a change.


The children associate shapes (square, circle, triangle, hexagon, etc.) with their names. An edutainment tool which calls on their powers of observation and memory.

Secondary education

At high school level, touch screen applications make classes more engaging and help capture students' attention (a great help for children with ADD/ADHD). In groups, working around a Microsoft® Surface® unit or any other touch screen device, ideas can be easily exchanged and discussions opened. The students can work entirely independently, with the teachers intervening as they wish.

Numerous practical exercises are available for Chemistry, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, Technology, etc. Chemistry experiments and dissections become child's play!


Students have to assemble wires and components to create an electrical circuit. A fun and engaging way to get to grips with technology classes.


The students discover molecules by assembling different atoms. A great touch screen tool to enhance memorization.

Higher education

In universities, AFTER-MOUSE.COM offers touch screen solutions to make life easier for students and professors.


Students can find their way around the campus on an interactive map, thanks to the geolocation function. They just indicate their destination with a touch of the finger to see the route appear as if by magic.

Information points

Students can easily access all campus information and news. With just a touch of the finger, individually or in groups, they can access administrative information and send the form straight to their own e-mail address, USB memory stick or cell phone. They can also access the University library catalog and reserve a book from any touch screen device provided. A range of options is available: viewing schedules by department, information pages on subjects and courses, professors' recommendations, real-time updates to teachers and students' schedules, etc.


Touch screens/walls in lecture halls help professors bring their presentations to life. They can illustrate their lectures with images and video with just a touch of their finger.